As you know, you are spirit, soul and body.  But the most innocent and pure part of you is your BEING.  Your being is what observes your soul, observes your mind, observes your emotions.  Your being is so beautiful and so prized  like a graceful whisper shimmer.  This is the part of you that was always with God and that God sent to earth to shine.  Your soul tries to shout, your mind tries to shout, your emotions try to shout.  Your being shrinks back at the many shouts inward and outward.    But the essence of you is your being.   Know that.

Your being lives with your body, mind, will and emotions and a woman’s being can be railroaded on the inside and on the outside pertaining to what is happening in her atmosphere(s) and what is happening to those her being loves.  Your being is not your soul, not your mind, not our emotions, not your thoughts.  Your being is simply your being.

Here is a picture of your temple inside in a metaphor.  It has an attic (where your mind and thoughts are), it has a living room where the Father, Son and Holy Spirit sit because the three of them always want to make themselves manifested to you and prove to you that They exist in you.

There is the basement which is the flesh and the out of control emotions where all is buried and hidden and making a mess of things.

One of the bedrooms can contain beautiful and righteous emotions.  Another bedroom can contain luscious fruit.

Another bedroom can contain treasures and knowledge and gems.

At night when you lay down,  your being can walk right into the living room and lay in the arms of the Lord.  Father is your abba, Jesus is your lover and deliverer, Holy Spirit is your helper and comforter.  All three of them do zillions of things, like keeping the earth running, keeping rivers flowing, making the sun and moon hang on nothing but by the word of Their power.  They are three in one and one in three.  You can just refer to all three as LORD.  No need to try and focus on who is who as They are equal in majesty.

Tonite when you lay down, consider walking into your temple’s living room and lay in the Arms of the Lord.  Let Him adore you.  You need this.


Holy Spirit is a person

May the GRACE of the Lord Jesus Christ and the LOVE of God and the FELLOWSHIP of Holy Spirit be with YOU.  Fellowship with us is where Holy Spirit begins.  In the Strong’s Concordance we will notice Fellowship is a feminine noun which describes one of the many facets of Holy Spirit’s personality.  The original translated word Koinonia for fellowship means partnership, contributing help, participating with us, sharing with us, communing with us, have spiritual fellowship with us.  We can experience fellowship with Holy Spirit while awake and even in our dreams.

There is a verse in the ancient scriptures that proclaims the Living Words of Jesus Christ which are still in force:  And, I will pray the Father and He will GIVE you another Comforter and this Comforter will ABIDE with you forever.  Comfort is what you need and comfort is what Holy Spirit gives liberally.  In the Strong’s concordance comfort is a masculine noun which describes yet another facet of Holy Spirit.  The original word for comfort is Parakletos which means called to one’s aid, an advocate, close beside, intercessor, console, advise, one who gives evidence and is our HELPER.  We can experience profound comfort from Holy Spirit 24/7.

Holy Spirit has exquisite feminine an masculine leanings and attributes to bestow upon us.


Dark vs. Light

When we live in a house, we eventually have to go down into the cellar.  Because we never went down the steps for decades, stuff had grown, molded, petrified and died, stagnant and stuff lived there in the dark.    There is not much light source in a celler.  There might be snakes, critters, mice, rats living or dead.  It is terrifying!  But we know we have to clean out the cellar so the rest of the house above will be complete.   We turn on the little light but we have to go into the corners and the dark spaces and places and we never know what we will find or what will arouse and and try to  bite us.  Sometimes there are secret doors that have to be opened and even crawl spaces we have to squeeze into.  We have to have courage, bravery and love to step into the cellar and do what we must do, after all, the cellar belongs to us and depends on us.  We seek protection and we want someone to go in with us and the invisible presence of All That Is – and All That Is Holy accompanies us.  There is also hidden treasure in cellars and those treasures are unearthed, brought upstairs and enjoyed for all to see, never to be lost again.  There’s GOLD in that cellar!  When the cellar is cleaned, swept and fumigated, the fragrance goes up, up, up into all the house.  The house is healthy and happy again like at the very beginning.

My Testimony

My fraternal twin and I were born in the old Sibley Hospital in Washington, D.C. back in 1952. I am told before the age of 6, I was a very fun and talkative child, filled with promise. One day I came down with a cold and it entered my spine and went into my brain and turned into viral meningitis which was fatal in the 50’s. I became unresponsive and my father and mother rushed me to Children’s Hospital in D.C. and I went into a coma for several weeks. When I woke up, I had lost my hearing and my personality was totally different than before, I was withdrawn, quiet, whimsical. I was not raised in a spiritual home, but my father prayed for me and that is when my hearing came back. I was not the child my parents once knew. I spent  the next six years (when not in school) walking in the woods every spare chance I had and fishing and reading. I was always looking for waterfalls.

As all little children, no one told me, but I naturally believed in God. When our dog became ill, I remember praying to God that my dog would get better and not die. I had no idea who Jesus Christ was. When I turned 12, my dad would ask me to make him shots of whiskey in the kitchen and I started taking shots for myself and swallowing it. Alcoholism was in the bloodline in both sides of my family. Before I knew it, I was drinking whiskey all the time. I drank whiskey from the age of 12 until I was 26 years old. I drank all through school, when I graduated I drank at my job at the Old Evening Star Newspaper. I would disguise the whiskey in a coffee cup. 

Because I started drinking so young, I had no concept of cooking and sewing and babies. I just spent most of my time in the woods fishing and looking at the trees and nature and animals. It was like magic to me when I would see little creeks and catching minnows and catching a bass. To this day I am an expert largemouth bass fisherwoman. I can work a swamp like no other! I have had many leeches on my legs that I had to pull off. If I was not fishing, I was reading. I never learned home economics, I never was an artist, I never did any crafts. I never learned how to cook. I missed out on many years. I never participated in school, never went to a football game, all of that was foreign to me. I drank, fished and read books.

I continued drinking and on March 17th,1979 I left my toddler in the front seat of the car with the car running. I lived high on a hill. I had been drinking. I went into the house to fetch something and I heard a noise and looked out the door and my car was speeding down the hill with my toddler standing up in the front seat. I ran out the door and tried to catch the car but, of course, everything was happening so fast. The car flew across the road and was going to crash into a huge oak tree. At that moment, I had caught up with the car and from the depths of my soul I cried out “God, please do not let my child die. I will serve you all the days of my life.” I have no clue where that came from. I was injured because when the car crashed on the tree, I crashed into the car and broke the bones in the left hand. I had big rocks in my knees. I lived in a very remote place and there were no people around and I was the only who had to face this and I had to open the door of the car because no one was there to help me. I saw a miracle that day. My child was completely unharmed and is a beautiful soul today and all grown up.   I grabbed the baby and ran up the hill and I ended up in the hospital emergency room.

When I got home, I was inspired to find a Bible. Up until that time, I was not looking for God, did not want God, was not interested in a bible. I found an old bible in my house and turned to the RED WORDS that said, “Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and the Life and NO ONE can come to God unless they come THROUGH Jesus Christ. I got on my knees and approached God through Jesus Christ and my soul was saved that day. I became a brand new woman. When I drove to the liquor store the next day, I was not desiring to drink whiskey. Jesus Christ through Holy Spirit delivered me of alcoholism and I never had to go to 12 step! For the next eight years, I spent every day learning from Him and being taught by Him and fellowshipping with Him and studying the red words which came alive to me.  His Words fill my soul.  Jesus Himself cast quite a few demons out of me.  He was cleaning me up!   About a year later, I started meeting so many people that He had come into the life of.  It was so great.  I had an entirely new family.

Fast forward. I am in my 60’s  now and still spending every day with HIM.  I am entering my older years with so much grace and joy.  The older I get the more wonderful it is to me.   I would never ever want to be young and without wisdom again.  I have never been bored. I have never been so loved. He is everything to me. He is so alive. So real. I have a very vibrant relationship with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (who is like a father to me) and Jesus Christ,  High Priest and the Ruach Ha Kodesh (The Holy Spirit). I am a writer, an intercessor, a teacher, a public speaker, a prayer counselor,  etc.  I do not walk around boasting and telling everyone all this.   I do not accept money for anything having to do with ministry.  Jesus Christ is without charge.  Blessing others is without charge.  Bringing healing and deliverance to others is without charge.  On the cross, that day, He took all our sins, shortcomings and mistakes.  All old things passed away and all things became new for me.  I was truly born a second time.

A lot has happened since 1979.   It was not always pretty and there has been many hardships. But since the day He burst into my life, it has been like a warm blanket on the inside of me. He warms my soul, He talks with me and walks with me. I was filled with the Holy Spirit on August 9th, 1980 and oh what a day that was. Jesus Christ is alive and well. He is the Saviour, the Deliverer, the Prince of Peace and so much more.

Nothing hurts me more than to be called “religious”.  To me it is the  deepest insult a Christ-carrying woman could ever be called.    Ever since He came into my life, I have detested religion. Religion kills and destroys and it is man made. Jesus Christ is very alive. Jesus gets blamed for religion. Jesus gets blamed for lots of things by people who do not know him.  Jesus came to destroy religion.  Eternity is a long time to be wrong, my friend. Nothing is ever His fault. He did not come to earth to hurt you.  He never started a war.  Men did.  Man made religion and evil men wanting power to hurt start wars.  God is so real that He does not force His Will of love and peace on anyone.  He wants a soul to come to Him voluntarily.  He wants to be invited into your life.  When I called out that day during the accident, I was inviting Him.  He took me up on it.  Most people invite him in much more gentle ways.  Everyone has their moment to make the choice to invite Him or not to invite Him.

Satan and demons force themselves on people.  They seek to bombard the mind and the soul and the spirit and the body.   Demons do not play fair.  They kill, steal and destroy.  They hate God, they hate Jesus, they hate Holy Spirit and they especially don’t like Christ-carriers on earth.  Demons in people mock Jesus in many ways and make fun of Jesus.  Once the Jesus-mockers see a real demon cast out of a person, they never make fun of Jesus again.  Demons mock Jesus continually and use human vessels to do it through.  May you NEVER be guilty of mocking Him.  If you find yourself hating the trinity, look in the mirror.  Repent.  Get it right.  You have been fooled.  Satan and demons are the ones that do the hurting and the hating.

By the way, there are many counterfeit people.  They pretend to be a Christ-carrier to confuse the unsaved.  The counterfeits do awful things in the Name of Jesus.  There is always a counterfeit on earth for the real thing.  Don’t let a counterfeit cause you to run from Jesus Christ.  Please don’t.  Counterfeit money does not make you run from real money, does it?  Do counterfeit flowers make you never want to see a real flower again?  Do you understand what I am saying?  Have wisdom.

Jesus came to earth to destroy religion. He died, was buried and rose again and sent His Holy Spirit to live in the ones that humbly invite  Him in.  He is all together lovely. I always turn to Him for everything. He has given me abundant life even if I am in the middle of the storm. I do not live by my strength. It is His Strength that carries me. I lean on Him for everything. This earth is not my home. I am just here to be His Vessel and to introduce Him to you.

I am  here for a little while and I will not be coming back.  It is appointed unto a soul once to die.  There are no second chances down here.  This is not a dress rehearsal.  Don’t fall for the lie that you get many lives to get it right.  If that were true, Jesus would not suffered and died on the cross for you.    You don’t have the power to live 20 lives to get it right. You cannot save your soul.  You only have one life and this is it.  He died on the cross so your one life down here could be spent with Him and Him loving people through you.  He did it all for you.  You cannot save your own soul.   The decision is made for eternity through what you do with Jesus while you are down here.  Are you filled with fear?  Sin?  Guilt?  Panic? Dread? Sorrow?  Do you feel lost?  Do you have to  try really hard to stay sane down here? Do you jump through hoops?   Are you afraid of your own death?  Are you afraid of the grave? Are you afraid of getting old and sick and feeble?

There is no trying with Him.  He does it all for you. He takes all the human fear away.   He is abundant life to the max.  That’s why He came.  For you.  He will swallow all of the ugly stuff you go through such as resentment, unforgiveness, jealously, rejection, etc.   He especially likes to swallow your guilt and your past.  And, then, when you take your last breath you will be transported into eternity with Him and all those that adore Him.  Eternity is too long to be wrong. You were made to shine.  

Seeds are everywhere…

September 2016

Welcome to Living Seeds.   Life, nature, creation, earth, words, reproduction, animals and you, are all about seeds.  Enjoy the Living Seeds that might be lovingly sowed into your mind, body, spirit and soul through a word or sentence that I have written.